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Step into the world of caregiving triumphs and resilience with The Caregiver's Journal, where Lance A. Slatton and Denise M. Brown co-host a journey to connect and uplift family caregivers worldwide.

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The Caregiver's Journal

We have days that become milestones: The day we start our first job, we marry, we welcome children into our lives.

When we care for a family member, we also experience days of significance: The day our family member receives a diagnosis, the day we realize we need help, the first night we spend with our caree in the Emergency Room, the day our caree starts hospice care and all the days in between.

On these caregiving days, we can feel alone as we feel our world shift. 

To help lessen the loneliness of these days, Lance A. Slatton and Denise M. Brown, co-hosts of The Caregiver’s Journal, invite family caregivers to join them to share the stories of their significant days.

The Caregiver's Journal shines a spotlight on the stories of family caregivers from around the world. The show also builds connections within the caregiving community, provides family caregivers a platform to share their valuable experiences and reduces the sense of isolation often experienced during a caregiving journey. 

You can tune in to The Caregiver's Journal on, YouTube, and various streaming platforms.

The Caregiver's Journal Episodes

February 13, 2024

Chapter 1 "Diagnosis Day"

The Caregiver's Journal is the show where we are sharing the caregiving experiences, stories, and wisdom of family caregivers. In this journal entry, we welcomed Bruce McIntyre and Roberta Carson who shared their experiences from their "Diagnosis Day". 


Denise M. Brown, Caring Our Way

Denise began helping individuals who care for a family member in 1990 and launched a business to help them in 1995. She created one of the first online caregiving communities in 1996 which she managed until its sale to Ohio’s Hospice in 2020. Denise now develops and delivers training programs for the workplace, for community-based organizations and for individuals who want to serve family caregivers. More than 400 individuals from eight different countries have enrolled in her training programs offered through her company, The Caregiving Years Training Academy. Denise also hosts an online community,, that supports individuals during and after their personal caregiving experience.

All Home Care Matters

Lance A. Slatton, All Home Care Matters

"We hope that the stories shared in each episode reflect what family caregivers write in their own journals, and when family caregivers hear another share a similar situation, we hope our viewers and listeners will feel less alone in what they experience and feel," said Slatton.

"When you take a step back and take inventory of the tremendous work that is being done in the senior care and caregiving space there are few if any names or individuals that have had such a lasting and profound impact on senior care and caregiving as Denise has had. When the idea of collaborating and working together came about there was no doubt that a collaboration would bring a tremendously positive impact for caregivers and the senior care industry."

About ELHCS / All Home Care Matters

Enriched Life Home Care Services (ELHCS) in Livonia has been named the No. 1 home care company in Michigan the last two years by Top Rated Local. ELHCS provides care for people throughout southeastern Michigan. In May 2020, ELHCS launched All Home Care Matters, a YouTube program focused on long-term care issues. The show, hosted by Lance A. Slatton CSCM, has more than 122,000 YouTube subscribers and 65,000 daily podcast downloads. The show also was a 2023 29th annual AIVA Communicator Award Recipient (Academy of Interactive Visual Arts).

Visit the official YouTube channel at or listen to the show on Apple Podcast and their Official Website.

Caring Our Way

Denise launched The Caregiving Years Training Academy in April 2020 after selling, an online community she launched in 1996, to Ohio’s Hospice in March 2020. She launched Caring Our Way in November 2020.

She is the author of several books that provide insights, comfort and hope to those who care including The Caregiving Years, Your Guide to Navigating the Six Caregiving Stages and After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again. Her insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, US News & World Report, USA Today, Time magazine and Chicago Tribune.

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